Better Communication = Better Service

At Total Green, we utilize an online project management-based platform that allows for superior communication in the management of cleaning services at a customer’s location by have relevant people in the workspace such as Total Green managers and supervisors, cleaning crews and designated customer representatives.

This platform, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year via computer or smartphone, is a central place to post messages, discussions, files, photos, specifications and more. There is also calendar component for scheduling work.

Everyone in the workspace is in the loop regarding cleaning operations at a location. With one post, everyone knows the goings-on. Requests are done quicker, responses to feedback and comments is faster, and it promotes continual improvement in service.
The platform is an incredibly easy and effective way of communicating. It is the disrupter of the old school way of managing cleaning services, both from the customers’ perspective and that of Total Green.

(Note: Private, sensitive or confidential communications or information is never posted on the platform.)