Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting Service for COVID-19

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Proper disinfection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is an absolute must, no matter what type of business, facility, building, house or any other place where people go. Total Green offers Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting Service.

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Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic disinfection occurs when an electronically charged disinfectant mist is sprayed onto surfaces and objects. The sprayer reservoir is filled with hospital grade disinfectant and when turned on, the sprayer puts a charge on the liquid. The positively charged particles in the mist adhere easily to surfaces and objects, covering all surfaces, even if it is only sprayed on one side, as the mist wraps around surfaces. Using the sprayer simplifies the process of disinfecting as the mist can get to hard-to-reach areas and around irregularly shaped objects like door handles.

Benefits our customers see from having Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting Service:

  • surfaces enveloped/wrapped with disinfectant
  • efficient, safe and touchless delivery of disinfectant which saves time and money compared to manual, time-consuming disinfecting with a cloth and spray bottle
  • peace of mind that hard to reach but often touched areas are being disinfected
  • very little downtime while the mist passes the dwell time and then dries.
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Electrostatic Spray



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Conventional Sprayer

Any customer would benefit from having the Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting Service but here are some specific examples of surfaces or areas that would ideally be disinfected with this process:

  • Grocery carts
  • Fitness equipment at a gym
  • Schools
  • Healthcare settings, medical offices, dental offices
  • Common areas of residential strata properties
  • office environments
  • and much more.

If you are a business that is till open and operational, Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting Service done frequently is ideal. If you are currently closed, having the Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting Service before you re-open will ensure that surfaces at your location are properly disinfected.

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